How to Convince Your Spouse to Buy A Riding Lawn Mower

How to Convince Your Spouse to Buy A Riding Lawn Mower
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How to Convince Your Spouse to Buy A Riding Lawn Mower

You’ve been eyeing a new Greenworks riding lawn mower – and you’ve done your homework. You know all about the robust 42” deck, the innovative SmartCut™ technology to help you get a precision cut, the six-pack of 8.0 Ah batteries, and dual-port chargers  – even the padded seat and multiple cup holders. 

Only one teeny-tiny hiccup remains: convincing your partner to add this beauty to your garage. Luckily, here at Greenworks, we’re ready to help you razzle-dazzle your partner with facts: a riding mower will make life easier, more efficient, and more fun for both of you.


An Electric Riding Lawn Mower - the Newest Addition to your Garage

It’s true: the Greenworks CrossoverT riding lawn mower and CrossoverZ zero-turn mowers are the perfect pairings of brain meets brawn (bonus: we have 60V and 80V options in both models!). Plus, a riding mower is guaranteed to make your time in the yard more enjoyable for all household members. 

And it’s great for the family budget too. A Greenworks riding lawn mower is more cost-effective than a standard gas guzzler – protecting your wallet from those annoying recurring costs. Simply purchase, charge up your batteries and mow – year after year. You know that a Greenworks riding mower should be the next branch on your family tree – and we’re here to help you convince your spouse, too. So sit back, relax and check out our top three reasons you need a Greenworks riding mower. You’ll be unboxing your new dream mower together in no time!



Turn Mower Time into Me Time

Let’s face it – no one wants to spend an entire weekend day mowing the lawn. Blar! That’s the worst. We’d all love to stay on top of our yard work, but not at the expense of missing your child’s baseball game, a long-awaited day date or some well-deserved unwind time with Netflix. And – spoiler alert! – your spouse will definitely be unhappy if you’re toiling away in the yard all day, weekend after weekend.

A riding mower can help you tackle your yard in significantly less time than a self-propelled lawn mower or a push-behind mower. Add in perks like precision turns, speeds up to 8 mph and eight easy-to-adjust cut heights, and you’ll get the freshest cut in the quickest amount of time. You can even knock out a mow session after work – it’s that easy (and efficient!). Greenworks electric riding mowers can also help turn a dreaded weekend task into me-time-on-the-mower. With a 24-horsepower equivalent motor, you’ll be able to mow up to 2.5 acres in one charge. Cross "mow the lawn" off your To Do List quickly, each and every time. Your spouse will love the efficiency – and the extra time together! 

Time Management bonuses: 

  • No more trips to the gas station mid-mow when you inevitably run out of gas ten minutes before you finish the job.
  • Greenworks uses a six-pack of quick-charge batteries so you’re never delayed by endless charging times.
  • Use your Greenworks riding mower batteries to power up other tools in your arsenal.
  • The built-in hauler can help you quickly move up to 200 pounds of fertilizer, mulch or that bushel of freshly-picked apples.
  • Add the Greenworks residential riding mower bagging kit to your mowing routine. Dual bins with a six-bushel capacity helps your yard stay tidy, plus it’s a significant timesaver – no raking leaves or blowing grass clippings necessary.

Budget Champion: Greenworks Electric Riding Mower

Next up: how does a Greenworks riding mower fit into your budget? We’re so glad you asked! 

Any big purchase has a household impact – and at Greenworks, we appreciate that buying a riding lawnmower is an important decision. We’ve crunched the numbers to help showcase the lasting investment of a riding mower, and we think you (and your partner!) will agree the results are impressive.


Yup, you read that right. The average lifetime savings of a Greenworks riding lawn mower is $2000 – not to mention the significant perk of not having weekly gas-related expenses, year after year.

A few things to consider:

  • If you pay for a weekly lawn service, you know the cost adds up quickly – and typically tallies up to between $3,5000 - $5,000 a year, depending on the size of your yard. Why not put that money into a purchase that satisfies you? Buying a Greenworks electric riding lawn mower is an investment that will pay off for years to come. 
  • A gas-guzzling riding mower requires fueling up for each mowing to the tune of $340+ each year – which is $3400 total over the lifetime of a gas riding mower. That’s a lot of gas (and a lot of trips to the gas station!). 
  • You can’t forget ongoing maintenance cost either, which clocks in at $94+ a year for new filters, oil changes, engine tune-ups and more. That’s a minimum of $940 of lifetime maintenance cost for a gas riding mower. Ouch! Who wants that significant hit on their wallet every year?

Greenworks battery powered riding mowers offer the best of the best – a top-notch mowing experience that puts money back in your bank account. You’ll be playfully arguing over who gets to mow in no time – and what to do with the dollars you’ve saved!


Green Grass, Clean Air, Happy Spouse


Last but certainly not least: the environmental impact of a Greenworks riding mower is second to none. Say goodbye to the noisy, smelly, fume-ridden gas lawn mowers and embrace breathing clean air!

  • No bad smells: You’ll come in from mowing the lawn smelling like fresh-cut grass – not gasoline.
  • No emissions: Gas-guzzling lawn mowers emit a significant amount of CO2 – which harms the environment. Go green with Greenworks riding mowers – Mother Earth thanks you in advance.
  • No gas: No expensive (and inconvenient!) weekly trips to the gas station to fill up your mower – simply charge your Greenworks batteries and you’re ready to go!
  • No maintenance: Forget about pricey yearly tune-ups and filter changes – the Greenworks riding lawn mowers are maintenance-free. We’ve built our mowers to last, so they’ll remain worry-free, year and year.

By now, your spouse is ready to hit purchase — and to be the first one in the driver’s seat of your new riding mower! If you have a riding mower in your sights, check out our 60V 42” CrossoverT Riding Lawn Mower or 80V 42” CrossoverT Riding Lawn Mower. If you’re eyeing up a ZTR, our 60V 42” CrossoverZ Zero Turn Riding Mower or 80V 42” CrossoverZ Zero Turn Riding Mower are both excellent choices. Either way, it’s time to start planning that welcome home party. From all of us at Greenworks – congratulations on your sweet new addition.


*2.0 Ah and 2.5 Ah batteries not recommended for optimal performance.

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