Top 10 Places to Use Your Greenworks Cordless Stick Vacuum

Top 10 Places to Use Your Greenworks Cordless Stick Vacuum
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Top 10 Places to Use Your Greenworks Cordless Stick Vacuum

What’s your household’s best-kept cleaning secret? If you have the Greenworks Cordless Stick Vacuum, it will be scouting out new places to use your favorite new tool. From gently vacuuming dust off your plants to grabbing those hard-to-reach ceiling cobwebs, your cordless stick vacuum is your loyal sidekick to elevate your cleaning game to the next level. Say goodbye to the dust balls on your curtains, the crumbs making your laptop crunchy and the crushed graham crackers between the sofa cushions. With Greenworks, finding new spots to vacuum is not only enjoyable – it’s fun! 

But don’t take our word for it – put your cordless stick vacuum to the test. With the versatility of two vacuums in one – a stick and a handheld – plus five attachments that work in any configuration and power mode, Greenworks has you covered for any task that needs to be tidied. Check out a few of our top picks on where to use your stick vacuum – and add your favorite to the list! 



Vents, fans, air returns, oh my

Have you ever looked closely at your vents and air returns – and been shocked to see that they’re coated with a thick layer of dust? Or perhaps you start up your ceiling fan for the first time in a few months and watch in horror as dust particles rain down on your bed. Greenworks can help you keep that nightmare from becoming a reality with our versatile cordless stick vacuum. You can alternate between the long-reach stick attachment or close-up handheld configurations to customize each vent, fan and cold air return. Suck up that dusty mess and get back to breathing clean air (plus, the Greenworks certified HEPA filter will trap those allergens, for once and all!).



Who doesn’t love opening their windows to let in some fresh air? There’s nothing quite like that refreshing blast of crisp air – until you spot all the dirt and dust hanging out on the windowsills. The 2-in-1 brush tool is ready to help you quickly manage this task. Click in the angled brush tool to pick up big pieces of dirt and debris, and then finish the job by switching over to the brush tool to make sure you get a more detailed sweep. Your windowsills will be fresh and clean in no time.


Bathroom Floor

We all regularly vacuum our main floors (right?!), but how often do you vacuum your bathroom floors? From hair to dust to snapped hair ties to those tiny little clothing tag bits that always seem to be on the floor, bathrooms are a quick and easy place to utilize your Greenworks cordless stick vacuum. Bonus tip: if you make it a point to do a fast vacuum pass once a week, it will become a manageable task – not to mention rewarding!


Cars and Carseats

If you’ve ever found a small school of Goldfish deep in the recesses of your child’s car seat, this one's for you. The crevice and 2-in-1 tools are your besties when tackling that unexpected chore – after all, you never know what you’ll vacuum up! While you’re in car seat mode, switch to the soft bristle brush to get the crumbs, dust and dirt off your leather or fabric seats. Bonus tip: a quick vacuum zoosh through your cup holders will feel so good!


Pristine baseboards can help showcase a room – but on the flip side, dusty baseboards can draw attention to all the wrong places in your house. Luckily, Greenworks has a quick fix for the next time you’re getting ready for company. Fire up your cordless stick vacuum with a soft bristle brush and quickly give your baseboards a deep clean. The stick vac gives you maximum flexibility and extension, while the soft bristle brush is gentle enough for walls and woods without running the risk of scratches. Don’t forget to keep the baseboards in your powder room in tip-top shape, too!


Kitchen Cabinets

Hard-to-reach upper cabinets? Check. Low, dark cabinets with who-knows-what living in the back of them? Check. Silverware drawer with a fine layer of crumbs rattling around each time you open the drawer? Check, check, and check. The Greenworks cordless stick vacuum can help you clean hard-to-reach high spots in your cabinets – and dreaded crumbfests lurking in the back corners. You can switch between your stick and handheld modes for maximum versatility and accessibility.



Next time you twist open your blinds, look closely at the actual blinds. Like many of us, the dust might be so thick you could write your name in it. Blinds can feel tedious and overwhelming to clean – but if you power up your handheld cordless vacuum with the soft bristle brush, you’ll make quick work of this dreaded task. And as an added perk, the Greenworks certified HEPA filter captures 99.97% of allergens to help keep your house irritant-free.


Pantry Shelves

No matter if you have a tiny pantry or one that belongs on an episode of The Home Edit, pantries are proud collectors of cereal pieces, chip crumbles, candy wrappers and itty bitty rice pieces. Tackle your shelves first with the handheld feature – the 2-in-1 brush is a perfect tool to spiff up those shelves. Once you’ve done a vacuum pass on your shelves, attach the stick and swivel-head brush to cover every inch of the floor. You’ll love the satisfying noise of the crumbs being wooshed into the vacuum canister.


Backpacks and Lunchboxes

Broken pencil tips, crayon bits and tiny scraps of paper can liter the pockets and seams of backpacks – and don’t get us started on the ground-in bits of crackers, cookies and bits of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches smooshed into lunchbox corners. Once again, the crevice tool is here to save the day! Attach it to your handheld Greenworks cordless vacuum and get to work.



While we’re at it, unzip that suitcase you’ve dragged all over and give it a thorough once-over with your Greenworks handheld vacuum. You can use the crevice tool to get into those hard-to-reach deep pockets, plus all the nooks and crannies inside. The round brush or soft bristle brush can also give the outside of your suitcase a deep clean, so it’s looking lovely when it’s time for your next adventure.



Do you have a favorite spot to vacuum? Share your tried-and-true suggestions and enjoy sprucing up new spaces!


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