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80V 54" Zero Turn Mower

80V 54" Zero Turn Mower


With intelligent Trubrushless™ motor technology, this mower requires zero engine maintenance, zero winterizations, and produces zero emissions. Save time and money and always have the perfect lawn.

  • Power: Trubrushless™ Technology cuts with the equivalent power of a 32HP gas-powered zero turn mower. This equates to 40% more power than comparable 54” gas-powered zero turn mowers.
  • Cut Capacity: The 54” cutting deck with bog-resistant cutting system provides constant 17,000 ft/min blade speed providing better cut-quality than comparable gas mowers.
  • Savings: Reduced yearly costs for mower maintenance, eliminated fuel costs, and less mower downtime combine to provide you over $2,000 cost savings over the life of the mower.
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