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Not applicable to AK & HI. Product exclusions apply.

How it Works

The Greenworks® PowerHUB™ is a compact modular Energy Storage System with a powerful Lithium-Ion (LFP) battery and hybrid inverter. PowerHub can be integrated with the utility grid, solar panels, and even a generator to provide you with reliable energy in all conditions.

  • PowerHub provides backup power in the event of a grid outage maintaining essential appliances.
  • PowerHub improves the efficiency of your home by intelligently optimizing the timing of consumption and distribution of your energy.
  • PowerHub supports grid services such as peak shaving and load balancing contributing to a more stable and efficient grid reducing your dependence on fossil fuel-based power plants.

Compact Design

Doesn't take up valuable floor space in your garage. Can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Monitor and Optimize

Manage your energy from anywhere. Manage your consumption, backup power, charge/discharge levels, and more right from your PC or the Greenworks Power App.

Built to Last

PowerHub is backed by a 12-Year 6,000 Cycle Warranty.

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  • + 200% PV Oversize
  • + 3 MPPT
  • + Max 16A PV input operation current
  • + Support Micro grid function
  • + Built-in RGM meter
  • + Up to 4 inverters in parallel
  • + 98% Peak efficiency (PV-Grid)

  • To view all the specifications, click here
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Be energy independent with the PowerHub home battery backup system and maintain essential appliances and devices in the event of a power outage.

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