10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Electric Lawn Mower

Written by: Greenworks Blog Team


Are you ready to embrace your electric lawn mower and unlock a new level of lawn care power? Greenworks has put together a few hot tips and tricks to help you maximize your electric mowing experience – and make your yard (and mower!) the envy of the neighborhood.

1. Charge your batteries after mowing.

There’s nothing worse than running out of battery mid-mow. Charging your batteries after each mowing session will ensure they are always powered up and ready for next time. But even if you forget to charge your batteries ahead of time, Greenworks fast chargers will power up your batteries in no time. 

2. Prep your yard space.

Just like you need a clean area to cook dinner, you need a clear lawn to mow. Take a few minutes to clean up dog poop, secure any kiddo toys, put away random shoes and move larger branches out of the way. Running over lawn objects can dull your mower’s blade or worse – get stuck. Maximize the runtime and efficiency of your Greenworks electric lawn mower by doing a quick sweep of your yard before you get started.

3. Watch your speed.

It’s tempting to go at max speed to get the job done as fast as possible, but steadily mowing your lawn will save you time in the long run. Maintaining a consistent speed will give you the most precise cut and maximize your mower’s efficiency.

4. Match your mower deck size to your yard.

It’s true: a larger deck size can reduce your mow time. Opt for a mower with a wide deck if you want to be in, out and done quickly. However, if storage space in your shed or garage is limited, you might want to opt for a smaller mowing deck. 

Push mower deck size: 13- 21 inches

Riding tractor mower deck size: 30 and 42 inch options

Zero-turn riding mower deck size: 30, 42 and 54 inch options

Want to learn more about push mower vs. self-propelled or if electric riding lawn mower are worth it? Head to the Greenworks blog for a deep dive into helpful topics like zero-turn vs. riding mower and the great gas vs. electric lawn mower debate.

Person mowing the lawn with Greenworks lawn mower

5. Optimize cutting height.

If you cut your lawn too short, you risk damaging your yard – but cut it too long and it barely looks like you’ve mowed your lawn. Experts suggest the ideal lawn height depends on several factors, including your region, the type of grass, growing conditions and the season. Blends like fescue need to be left a little longer (3 -4 inches), while bermuda is shorter (1-2 inches). No matter your lawn type, you can easily adjust the cutting deck height with a single lever on your Greenworks electric lawn mower.

6. Get on a mowing schedule.

Grass is easier to mow when it hasn’t reached skyscraper-level height. Depending on how fast your grass is growing, you’ll want to cut it one to two times a week during the peak of mowing season. Frequent mowing makes the job more manageable and extends your mower’s runtime by not having to work as hard cutting sky-high grass. Luckily, if you’ve gotten off track and your lawn is nearing field-level, Greenworks mowers have brushless motor technology – no bogging down or stalling, even in tall, thick or wet grass. 

7. Don't hassle with a gas mower.

Isn’t worrying about lawn mower maintenance a pain? There’s nothing worse than getting ready to mow and realizing you’re out of gas. Switch to a Greenworks electric lawn mower and eliminate the pricey gas station trips, annoying lawn mower maintenance and frustrating upkeep of a gas mower. No replacing belts or spark plugs, no spring tune-ups, no messy gas spills all over your garage, your mower and yourself.

Pop in the batteries and you’re ready to enjoy your Greenworks lawn mower – you’ll have plenty of power to tackle any job.

8. Keep your lawn mower blade sharp.

Dull mower blades can drain your battery faster because the mower has to work harder to cut the lawn. If you notice that your battery isn’t lasting as long or if your cut isn’t as precise as it used to be – it might be time to sharpen your mower blades. You can also order replacement blades through our website. 

9. Clean your mower before you store it.

Did you know that a clean mower is a happy mower? Keep your mower in tip-top shape by blowing off the grass, checking the battery ports for debris and removing any large grass clumps stuck in the blade after each mowing. This extra few minutes goes a long way to your mower’s longevity – and keeps your garage free from grass clipping. You can even fold your Greenworks mower flat and store it vertically to level up your space-saving game.   

10. Do your lawn homework.

Picking out the right electric lawn mower for the job is a basic but essential tip. If you buy a super-charged electric mower with a tiny yard, you might be frustrated that you can’t unleash all of the mower’s potential power. Similarly, picking a small mower for a large yard can add hours to your weekly lawn care routine – and who has time for that? At Greenworks, we’ve got a mower for every yard size, every voltage system, and every budget -- plus a handy How to Use your Electric Lawn Mower starter guide.

But don’t take our word for it – check it out yourself! Check out our expanded lineup of push, self-propelled, riding and zero-turn mowers at Greenworkstools.com.

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