Zero Turn Mower versus Riding Lawn Mower

If you’re in the market for an electric lawn mower upgrade, you likely have your eye on the two workhorses of the lawn mower category: the riding mower and the zero turn mower. But which one should you choose? Allow us to introduce two perfect solutions for your mower upgrade: the high-speed, battery-powered Greenworks CrossoverZ Zero Turn Mower  and Greenworks CrossoverT Riding Lawn Mower

Not only can you get a precise cut without the hassle of gas, but the 42-inch cutting deck gives you speed with peak maneuverability. You’ll be the envy of your neighborhood and with zero emissions, you’re also helping out Mother Earth.

Is a Zero Turn Mower or Riding Mower Better?

It depends! Let’s start by checking out the difference between a zero turn mower and a riding mower. Because we’re comparing our riding mowers and zero turns, some of the features will be Greenworks-specific. But no worries – the head-to-head comparison can be a great opportunity to learn more about electric riding mowers and electric zero turn mowers in general. 

Let’s take a deep dive into both mowers to find out more. And – most importantly – to figure out which one is the best fit for you.


Riding Mower Type Comparison

  Zero Turn Mower (CrossoverZ) Riding Mower (CrossoverT)

✓  Control levers 

✓ Steering wheel


✓  Turns on a dime ✓ Traditional cut that you’re comfortable with
Hills ✓  Horizontal and vertical
✓  Vertical


✓  Up to 60 minutes ✓  Up to 60 minutes 


✓  24 HP equivalent ✓  24 HP equivalent


✓  Up tp 8mph ✓  Up to 5mph

Yard size

✓ Up to 2.5 acres ✓  Up to 2.5 acres

Real-wheel drive

✓ Yes ✓  Yes


✓  Each wheel controlled by its own brushless motor ✓  Large rear wheels for maximum traction

Forward and reverse

✓  Yes ✓  Yes

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

✓  Yes ✓  Yes

Raise/lower cutting deck

✓  Yes ✓  Yes

Cargo capacity

✓  200lbs ✓  200lbs

Parking brake

✓  Yes ✓  Yes


✓  Yes ✓  Yes

Cruise control

✓  No ✓  Yes

Adjustable seats

✓ Yes ✓ Yes


Mow Smarter with Greenworks Riding Mowers and Zero Turn Mowers

We’re not pointing any fingers, but if you regularly mow in the semi-dark after sunset, the Greenworks CrossoverT or CrossoverZ might be your new best friend. With dual-LED headlights, your 60v battery lawn mower will light up your yard so you can finish the job. 


Other cool Greenworks features that you’ll love:

  • Comfort is key: Our high-back padded seat with back support and armrests ensures that your mow time = me time. 
  • Durability coming in hot: If you’re looking for quality you can count on season after season, our reinforced 12-gauge steel deck has proven durability – and long-lasting good looks.  
  • Plenty of power: 24 horsepower equivalent means mowing up to 2.5 acres with 60 minutes of runtime in one charge. Now that’s what we call getting it done. 
  • Six batteries: Did we mention our Greenworks zero turn mowers and riding mowers come with six fast-charge 8.0 Ah batteries? Greenworks riding mowers run on the power of three batteries – leaving three to charge up and swap out so you never have to wait to finish the job. 
  • Dual-port turbo chargers: Speaking of charging, both the CrossoverT and CrossoverZ come with three dual-port turbo chargers – that’s some heavy-duty charging! In under 90 minutes, you can have all six batteries powered up and ready to roll. 
  • Switch it up: You can also switch out the Greenworks batteries and use them in other tools in your Greenworks arsenal – convenient and smart. 
  • Zero emissions: Greenworks riding mowers are sustainable – meaning zero oil, gas and emissions. While your neighbor has to stop mowing to gas up their mower (again), you’ll be in the home stretch of finishing up your yard. 
  • Hills? No problem. The Greenworks Zero Turn Mower can handle slope inclines up to 15-degrees and easily navigate around rocks, trees and swingsets. Consider it agility training for your high-speed mower. Hills and inclines are no problem for the Greenworks CrossoverT riding mower either – just make sure to mow vertically instead of horizontally to keep it safe. 
  • Cut-height range: Flex your lawn-scaping skills with a cut height range of 1.5 - 4.5 inches. Whether your lawn needs a short trim or a full-on cut, our riding mowers can handle it. 
  • Get it done faster: Durable large tires and a 42-inch deck help you cover a lot of ground quickly – leaving more time for other high-speed fun. 

What Should I Choose: A Zero Turn Mower or Riding Lawn Mower?

So, where do we land on the great zero turn mower versus riding lawn mower debate? In short, both are winners – it just depends on your personal preference and lifestyle.

Reasons to choose the Greenworks CrossoverZ Zero Turn Riding Mower

  • Maximum maneuverability – brushless motors power each wheel, giving you more control
  • Highly customizable lawn cutting experience
  • Easily handles mowing horizontally on hills or steep grades 
  • Speed – 8mph

Reasons to choose the Greenworks CrossoverT Riding Lawn Mower:

  • Lower cost – riding mowers come in at a lower price point than zero turn mowers
  • Minimal learning curve – if you’ve driven a car or a go-cart, you can drive a riding mower
  • Highly customizable lawn cutting experience
  • Speed – 5mph

Both have plenty of power to spare – you can’t go wrong with the Greenworks CrossoverZ Zero Turn Mower or the Greenworks CrossoverT Riding Mower. Visit one of our retailers or shop online at to unlock the next level of lawn mowing. 

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