How to Use Your Greenworks Electric Lawn Mower

Now that your dream mower is in front of you (or in your shopping cart), it’s time to rev your electric engine. You’ll want to review your manual for all the details on your specific Greenworks model, but let’s start with a step-by-step guide on using your electric lawn mower. 

And don’t forget to check out our safety tips below – because safety is always a priority here at Greenworks.


Getting to Know You: A Greenworks Lawn Mower Meet-and-Greet

While Greenworks mower models can vary, the basic anatomy of your lawn mower is going to be similar. Let’s take a quick peek to get our bearings – and get to know your new bestie, the Greenworks electric lawn mower.

80V Mower

60V Mower

2 x 24 Mower


How Do I Mow With a Cordless Electric Lawn Mower? 

It’s the question of the hour: how, exactly, do I mow with my new Greenworks battery-powered electric mower? Check out our best practice guide to get the mowing party started. 

1. Congratulate yourself on purchasing a sustainable electric lawn mower that does not require an annoying trip to the gas station.

In fact, getting started with your new Greenworks lawn mower couldn't be easier. We’re not joking – no pull cords that hurt your shoulder, no dumping gas all over your driveway or yourself. Mowing your lawn has never been this easy – or fun!

2. Charge your batteries

Whether this is your first or fiftieth time using your Greenworks lawn mower, you’ll need to make sure your batteries are charged and ready to go. Pop them into your Greenworks battery charger and you’ll be all powered up in no time. While your batteries are charging, you can get organized on the other fun parts of having an electric mower.

3. Decision time: do you want to mulch, bag or side discharge?

There’s no wrong answer here – just a little bit of prep work with each choice. 

  • If you’re in the mood to bag your lawn, make sure your side discharge flap is flush with the mower. Make sure to take out the bagging plug before you clip in your bagger. Easy peasy!
  • If you’d like to mulch your lawn, make sure both the side discharge flap is flush and the mulching plug is in place. Once you’ve checked those two things, you’re good to go!
  • If you’re side discharging, unhook your lawn bag and stick in the plug. Next, attach the side discharge vent – which makes sure your grass clippings discharge to the side, not in your face.

4. Set Your Cutting Height

You can easily adjust the grass cutting height for all four wheels with the lever located near the back wheels. And with up to seven height options, you’ll love the versatility and customization of simply moving the wheels up and down. 

5. Rev it up!

Once your batteries are fully charged, open the lid to the battery compartment and gently slide the battery – or batteries, depending on your model – into place. 

Great news – you can’t do this wrong because the batteries only can slide in one way. Insert the safety key into the correct spot next to the batteries (if applicable) and you’re ready to rev.


6. Turn it on.

Batteries? Check. Mulch/side discharge/bag in place? Check. You’re ready to turn on your mower. Simply push and hold the start button, pull the start handle– and voila! Your Greenworks electric lawn mower will purr into action. While you mow, you can take a quick glance at your battery indicator to check how much power you have left. Most models have a battery indicator next to the start button, so it’s easy to keep tabs on your power.

7. While you’re mowing.

It’s time. You’ve finally made it to the lawn! While you are basking in the joy of mowing with your Greenworks lawn mower, take a moment to test drive some of the fun features that your model may have, like the self-propel and turbo options.

8. Close it down.

Once your lawn is looking golf-course level fabulous, you are ready to power down your mower. Spoiler alert: you just need to push the on/off button and you’re done! Find a cozy spot in your garage or shed for storage and you’re good to go. If it strikes your fancy, you can even fold it in half and hang it.


Safety Tips for Your Cordless Electric Mower

Safety first, friends. We know you – and your new Greenworks electric mower – are powered up and ready to start mowing. But before you do, we need to touch on a few important lawn mower safety tips:

  • Protective eye gear: In a perfect world, we’d all have safety goggles at the ready – but if you don’t have a pair handy, make sure to put protective eye gear like sunglasses or goggles. Add in a baseball cap to help deflect any wayward pebbles or sticks that could be tossed your way – plus a hat will protect your face from the telltale “I just mowed my lawn” sunburn.
  • Take a look at your shoes: Yes, your shoes. Most of us meander around in flip-flops during warm weather – but that’s a big no-no for mowing your lawn. Closed-toed shoes are a must, whether they’re gardening clogs, Nikes or anything in between. 
  • Check your batteries: We’re talking about the battery compartments in the front of your Greenworks electric lawn mower. Before you lock and load your batteries, take a close look at the bays to make sure there isn’t any moisture, standing water or leftover lawn debris hanging out in there.
  • Pay attention to the weather: We have all been there – rushing to get in a quick lawn mowing before it starts to rain. But don’t head out with your lawn mower into potentially dangerous weather – it’s not worth the risk! Thunder and lightning can begin much earlier than rain – so keep an eye on the sky and if it’s too close of a call, hold off on mowing until better weather has arrived. 
  • Be a responsible mower: We know you will be – but it’s worth the reminder. Avoid mowing through standing water or close to where the kids or family pets are playing. And as tempting as it might be to elevate your mow time into a workout, keep a steady walking pace instead of running behind your mower. You’ve already nailed it on being environmentally responsible with your Greenworks zero emissions electric lawn mower – now just keep an eye on your surroundings.

If you don’t already have a Greenworkers mower, shop today. If you do – lucky you!

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