What is an E-Bike and How Does it Work?

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From city streets to country backroads, electric bikes (e-bikes) are rapidly growing in popularity. But what is an e-bike -- and how do e-bikes work? Join the Greenworks team as we explore this exciting new avenue for sustainable adventuring.

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What is an E-Bike?

Even if you're unfamiliar with the ins and outs of e-bikes, you've likely seen and heard the buzz -- especially if you live in a larger metropolitan area. E-bikes offer the functionality and ease of a regular bike, but with the benefit of electric motor to help the rider cover further distances, hilly terrain or achieve faster speeds than regular biking. 

E-bikes can vary in speed, range and features, but here at Greenworks, our e-bike lineup includes:

  • Range: up to 22 miles
  • Top speeds: 20-25 mph
  • Motor: Robust brushless rear hub drive motor
  • Battery: Rechargable lithium-ion batteries – you'll be back on the road in no time!
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How Does an E-Bike Work?

First things first: You might be wondering how an e-bike works. Do you need to pedal, or does the battery-powered motor do all the work for you? We're happy you asked! While e-bike models vary, they all share the same basic premise: you pedal with your own strength, but the pedal-assist system kicks on whenever you need it. 

The key components of an e-bike include:

The Battery: An e-bike's battery is the alternative power source (the first power source is your own two feet!). E-bike batteries are either built into the bike or removable for recharging.

The Sensor: Every e-bike has a sensor that monitors when you start pedaling, which then sends a signal to the motor to turn on. 

The Motor: Powered by a rechargeable battery, the motor helps to propel you forward. 

How Do You Operate an E-Bike?

As for learning to ride an e-bike, we're pleased to report that if you know how to ride a traditional bike, you'll be good to go using an e-bike. The frame, handlebars and pedal mechanisms are similar to a standard bike; however, you'll notice a big difference with a digital-display board monitoring your speed and a battery-power motor tucked into the bike frame. 

To operate an e-bike, make sure the battery is charged and snapped into place. Once you start biking, the pedal assist will kick on, helping you cover more ground at higher speeds. Easily navigate traffic, trails and backroads with an e-bike -- the possibilities are endless!

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What are the Different Types of E-Bikes?

To help you pick the right e-bike to meet your needs, e-bikes are categorized into three classes. The main differences between classes are speed (20 mph vs. 28 mph) and throttle vs. no throttle. Class 2 e-bikes are the only type of e-bike that include both pedal-assist and throttle (which allows your e-bike to propel forward even without pedaling). 

The three classes of e-bikes include:

Class 1: E-bikes with pedal assist; riders enjoy speeds up to 20 mph. 

Class 2: E-bikes with pedal assist and throttle; riders enjoy speeds up to 20 mph.

Class 3: E-bikes with pedal assist; riders enjoy speeds up to 28 mph.

There are also various styles of e-bikes available to riders. A key differentiator in e-bikes is the method of charging. Some e-bikes require plugging in the entire bike to a power source for charging, while other styles of e-bikes have removable batteries that can be charged separately. At Greenworks, our e-bike fleet features removable batteries, giving riders the ability to effortlessly swap out batteries and continue riding without interruption.  

Greenworks e-bikes come in four different styles:

Electric Mini Bike: Ready to tackle adventure off the beaten path? Our STEALTH Series Mini Bike comes with anti-skidding 19" all-terrain tires, a quick 50 minute recharge time and top speeds between 20 mph (eco mode) and 25 mph (sport mode).

Electric Fat Tire Utility Bike: Choose your own adventure with our 80V VENTURE 20" fat tire utility e-bike. Designed for adventuring commuters, this e-bike reaches speeds up to 20 mph with a 22-mile range (plus a quick 40-minute recharge!). 

Electric Fat Tire Mountain Bike: Ready to hit the open trail? This all-in-one 80V VENTURE 26" fat tire e-bike can tackle every type of terrain, from paved paths to offroad trails. With a max speed of 20 mph and range of 22 miles and a quick 40-minute battery recharge, you'll be ready for an adventure at a moment's notice. 

Electric Commuter Bike: Perfect for both adventures and commuting around the city, this versatile VENTURE 27.5" e-bike reaches a max speed of 20 mph and has a range of 22 miles. 

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Why Choose an E-Bike?

E-bikes are the bicycle of the future. They provde style, range and power to take adventuring to a whole new level. No matter if you're exploring the city or cruising out in the country -- e-bikes are a versatile solution to the "how will I get there?" problem. 

E-bikes also have a positive environmental impact and low transportation cost. Skip the subway fares, the tolls and the frequent stops at a gas station. With an e-bike, you simply need to recharge and you're ready to go!

E-Bike Frequently Asked Questions

Are E-Bikes Heavy?

Traditional bikes typically weigh 15-30 pounds, but e-bikes weigh at least twice that -- between 40-60 pounds. The extra weight comes from the battery and motor, which assist you while biking around (so that extra weight is helpful!). 

What is the Range of an E-Bike?

The range of an e-bike depends on the model and battery capacity. Range estimates are generally factored using calm conditions -- flat terrain, no wind and medium speeds. If you're in the market for a Greenworks e-bikes, you'll have a range of up to 22 miles on one charge. 

Do You Need a License to Ride an E-Bike?

For most states, e-bikes do not need to be registered for a license; however, check with your state's regulations to make sure. Remember to always follow traffic rules!

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Join the E-Bike Movement Today

If you're thinking about entering into the e-bike world, look no further! The lineup of Greenworks e-bikes has something for everyone. Plus, you'll be able to use your existing Greenworks 60V or 80V batteries to power up your e-bike -- or power your tool arsenal. 

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