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If you or your child have a need for speed, the Greenworks electric Go-Kart collection is the perfect addition to your adventure collection. With a heavy-duty steel frame, padded cage roll and 4-point seat belts plus integrated Bluetooth speakers, in-dash LED screen and a dual front and rear suspension system, you’ll be all set to buckle in for a great time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast are Greenworks Go-Karts?

Greenworks Go-Karts reach a max speed of 25mph in SPORT mode and 20mph in ECO mode. 

What’s the weight limit for Greenworks Go-Karts?

The Greenworks STEALTH All-Terrain 2-Seat Go-Kart has a maximum weight limit of 276 lbs and is recommended for ages 14+. 

How long do Greenworks Go-Karts batteries last?

The Greenworks STEALTH All-Terrain 2-Seat Go-Kart has a 20-mile range on fully charged batteries. The 2-seater STEALTH Go-Kart comes with two 60V 8Ah batteries and 6A dual-port charger for a quick 90-minute recharge – or simply swap out the batteries for two fully-charged 60V batteries and keep riding.

Are Greenworks Go-Karts good for kids?

Greenworks Go-Karts are perfect for family fun!

Does Greenworks offer a two-seater Go-Kart?

The Greenworks line of electric Go-Karts includes single-seat and two-seater Go-Karts. 


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