When is the Best Time to Buy a Lawnmower?

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As Shakespeare once said, "Timing is everything—especially when choosing the perfect time of the year to snag the hottest deal on a primo lawn mower." (Well...that last part might be made up!). From holiday super sales to opportune off-season savings, let's review the best times to buy a lawn mower so you'll never have to pay full price again.

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When is the Best Time of Year to Buy a New Lawn Mower?

The best time to buy a new lawn mower is when demand is low, supply is high or during sales events. This gives you a nice selection of options to choose from and allows you to take advantage of some major deals. Whether you're in the market for a riding, zero-turn or push mower, timing your purchase right can make all the difference.

April - May

As the grass begins to grow and homeowners start gearing up for the mowing season, many retailers offer competitive prices on lawn mowers. This period marks a sweet spot for scoring your dream mower without breaking the bank.

August - October

When summer bids farewell and the demand for lawn mowers decreases, businesses often offer end-of-season discounts to clear out inventory. Keep your eyes peeled for end-of-season bargains during these months!

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When is the Worst Time of Year to Buy a New Lawn Mower?

Here at Greenworks, there's never a bad time to buy a lawn mower! However, if you're looking for a bargain, avoid these periods when shopping for a lawn mower to ensure you're not paying top dollar.

June - July

Demand for lawn mowers is typically at its highest during the peak of summer, leading to fewer discounts and promotions. Also, with many homeowners already in possession of functioning mowers, retailers may not be as motivated to offer competitive prices during this time.

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Holiday Deals to Hold Out For When Buying a Lawn Mower

In addition to seasonal discounts, harnessing the power of holiday sales is another great opportunity to save big on lawn mowers.

Father's Day Sales

Father's Day tool sales often offer special promotions and discounts on all kinds of outdoor equipment, including lawn mowers. Seize this opportunity to gift Dad (or yourself!) with a top-notch mower.

President's Day Sales

Nothing honors our nation's leaders quite like major savings on outdoor power equipment. President's Day sales are an excellent opportunity to find lawn mowers at a patriotic discount.

MLK Day Sales

As rumors of spring light shine at the end of the winter tunnel, many retailers offer sales and promotions on and around Martin Luther King Jr. Day. If you missed out on the end-of-year holiday sales, this is a great time to shop for a new lawn mower!

Back-to-School Sales

When summer draws to a close and the kids head back to class, companies may offer back-to-school discounts on many lawn care essentials, including mowers.

Black Friday Sales

Though not quite the firesale frenzy it used to be, Black Friday (and Cyber Monday!) is renowned for its unbeatable deals—and lawn mowers are no exception. Make sure to take advantage of the discounts offered during this iconic shopping holiday.

Holiday Sales

'Tis the season for savings! From Thanksgiving to New Years, keep an eye out for holiday-themed deals on lawn mowers to end the year with a budget-friendly bang.

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Lawn Mower Buying Tips

Okay, now you know when to shop, but what should you look for in a lawn mower? Use these expert tips to help maximize your mower-buying experience.

Check if Your Lawn Mower is Repairable

Before investing in a new mower, it's worth checking if your current one is repairable. In many cases, simple repairs or maintenance is all it takes to breathe new life into your trusty steed and spare your wallet an unnecessary burden.

Choose a Quality Brand

Opt for reputable brands like Greenworks that are known for their reliability and high performance. Investing in a quality mower can save a lot of money in the long run by reducing the need for perpetual maintenance and repairs.

Understand the Features of the Lawn Mower

Familiarize yourself with the various features and specifications available to find the best lawn mower for your unique lawn care needs. Depending on the size and shape of your yard, always check specs like cutting width, runtime and maneuverability before you buy.

Consider an Electric Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mowers offer numerous benefits versus their traditional gas counterparts, including quieter operation, lower maintenance and zero emissions. Explore the advantages of electric mowers for a more convenient and eco-friendly mowing experience.

Purchase a Kit

Consider purchasing a kit with essential mower accessories like batteries, chargers and safety gear. This ensures you have everything you need to start mowing right away. 

If you're looking for a one-stop shop for all your lawn care needs, consider purchasing a mower combo kit. Greenworks bundles best-selling mowers with leaf blowers, trimmers and other handy yard tools so you can get everything you need with just one purchase. 

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