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Looking for a complete lawn care fleet? Check out the Greenworks lawn mower combo kit collection, which includes everything you need to mow, blow and trim your yard to perfection. 

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Combo Kits by Type:

Self-Propelled Mower Combo Kits

Save big with self-propelled lawn mower combo kits.

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Push Mower Combo Kits

Unlock savings with push lawn mower bundles.

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Riding Mower Combo Kits

Build your lawn arsenal with riding mower bundles.

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Combo Kits by Quantity:

2pc Combo Kits

The original dynamic lawn duo – the mower and blower.

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3pc Combo Kits

The trifecta of lawn care: mower, blower and string trimmer.

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4-5pc Combo Kits

Maximum versatility to mow, blow, trim, saw and shape your outdoor oasis.

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