Greenworks Electric Riding Lawn Mowers – What Do I Need to Know?

If you’re purchasing a riding lawnmower, why not also jump into intelligent, sustainable mowing power? 

Greenworks electric zero turn mowers and riding lawn mowers leave their gas riding mower competitors in the dust. You might be surprised to learn you can mow up to 2.5 acres on a single charge, and all batteries charge fully in just 90 minutes.

Electric Riding Lawn Mowers and Zero Turn Lawn Mowers. Game on.

It’s pretty obvious where we stand on the gas vs. electric debate. Greenworks has spent the last 20 years creating advanced battery technology. Our mission has always been to outperform gas-powered competitors while avoiding the noisy, gas-guzzling drawbacks.


Why are battery-powered riding mowers better than gas lawn mowers?

The difference starts with the motor technology. Gas-burning motors use mini-explosions by combining a mixture of gas and air with a spark. Horsepower (HP) measures the motor power ignited by these mini-explosions. 

Greenworks battery-powered brushless motors harness magnets and electromagnets instead of relying on gas and sparks – a safer, cleaner option. The opposite charges from the magnets and electromagnets energize the coils – causing the rotors to spin. Battery power is usually measured in kilowatt-hours (voltage x amp hours), but you can calculate the horsepower equivalent with a bit of math.  

How it Works: Gas vs. Electric Riding Lawn Mowers  

  Gas Burning
Battery Powered
Motor Powered By Mini-explosions made by combining gas, air, and sparks Magnet powered! Zero sparks or explosions needed
Fuel Gasoline
Electricity via batteries
Breathable Air
One gas mower spews 34 lbs. of pollutants (and 88lbs CO2) into the air you breathe every year. (EPA) 0% emissions = zero harmful air is breathed


Horsepower Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

While measuring horsepower can give some idea of the power available to the motor, it doesn’t give a complete picture. Blade speed, cut quality, and motor efficiencies each play into performance. With a gas riding mower, one engine powers everything. The total available horsepower is split across multiple components, including blades and wheels to propel the mower forward. This inefficient motor usage wastes energy and can cause hiccups while mowing – taking the power away from the area that you really need it, like blade speed.

But with the Greenworks zero-turn riding lawn mower, there are four intelligent brushless motors, each with their own designated tasks - one for each blade and one for each wheel. All four motors are connected to the central system – delivering maximum efficiency and a uniquely responsive riding mower experience.

You’ll never have to worry about your Greenworks Electric Riding Lawn Mower getting bogged down or stalling in tall, thick or wet grass. Smart sensing technology in our brushless motors draws more power from the battery when needed. This technology keeps the blade speed consistent, providing a clean, precise cut – and allowing for the longest possible runtimes.


Run Times for Riding Lawn Mowers

While measuring horsepower can give some idea of the power available to the motor, it doesn’t give a complete picture. Blade speed, cut quality, and motor efficiencies each play into performance. Runtimes for both gas and electric riding mowers are directly related to the capacity of available power source - whether that’s a fuel tank or battery capacity. Several factors contribute to how long your riding mower will run before you have to either refuel your gas tank or charge your battery, including: 

  • Available power - Kilowatt hours and horsepower both measure the available power in your mower and will be a key factor in determining your run time.  
  • Motor type: Smart brushless motors use microchips to sense when more power is needed – auto-adjusting the power draw and using the available energy much more efficiently. Electric lawn mowers with brushless motors eliminate waste and extend runtimes.
  • Speed: While faster speeds in both gas and electric riding mowers are possible (usually up to 8-10mph), a more precise cut will be more likely at slower speeds. Fun fact: the optimal speed for Greenworks zero turn lawn mowers is around 5 mph. You’ll get the job done quickly with those clean lawn stripes that make your neighbor jealous. Faster speeds are fun, but they will reduce the run time for both gas and electric riding mowers.
  • Conditions: Tall, thick, or wet grass will indicate to the intelligent brushless motor to draw more power from the battery, reducing runtimes. Lawns with hills or inclines also draw more power.

Electric Riding Mowers: They’re Worth It.

So you’re all in on the electric riding lawn mower technology – but what about the maintenance? 

It’s a myth that battery-powered tools are more expensive than gas. The initial cost might be higher, but keep in mind a few key factors:

  • Zero gas: No filling up with (pricey!) gas each time you mow (1-2x week for six months = a lot of gas each year).
  • Zero maintenance: You’ll never have to put gas in it – or change the oil, replace a belt or worry about whether or not it will start after the offseason.
  • Zero inconvenience: No more running out of gas mid-mow – or scheduling tune-ups and repairs.

Interested in learning more about the myths of electric riding mowers? Check out our deep-dive examining if electric riding mowers are worth it (spoiler alert: they are!). 

Gas versus Electric Riding Mower Maintenance

Maintenance Needs Gas Burning
Gas Refill after each mowing X
Oil Change Change oil 1-2 x a year
Belt Replacement
Replace as needed X
Spark Plugs
Replace every 2 years
Fuel filter, air filter
Change once a year
Battery (traditional)
Replace as needed
Charge lithiom-ion battery
Charge as needed


Clean Ride/Zero Emissions Riding Mower

Take back the belief that mowing the lawn has to be noisy, smelly and a dreaded chore. With Greenworks riding mowers, you’ll breathe clean air while tackling your yard. Level up to a clean, zero emissions ride without sacrificing power. The Greenworks CrossoverT and CrossoverZ deliver on our commitment to sustainable and powerful lawn care solutions. We keep it clean with no exhaust, carbon monoxide or unburned hydrocarbons. Take care of your hearing – and keep your neighbors happy – with our quiet electric riding mowers.

Power Up Your Yard with Electric Mowers

Mowing your lawn should spark joy. Greenworks electric riding mowers and zero turn riding mowers will make your mow time productive, powerful – and quick. Highlights include: 

  • Reinforced 42-inch 12-gauge steel cutting deck
  • Single-level cutting height adjustments from 1.5” - 4.5”
  • Rear-wheel drive tackling hills up to a 15° incline
  • Integrated heavy-duty cargo bed for hauling fertilizer, dirt, mulch and more
  • LED headlights to help illuminate any job
  • Front and rear-mount attachment capability to maximize towing work power and functionality
  • Four-year warranty 

We know we’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: with the Greenworks CrossoverT and CrossoverZ riding mowers, you can knock out the perfect cut in yards up to 2.5 acres. And the turbo charger will boost up all six of your 8.0 Ah batteries in just 90 minutes, ensuring that you’re always powered up when you need it. The onboard control panel lets you keep track of your battery usage, so you’ll never run out of power on the job. 

Comfort is also key while mowing the lawn, and Greenworks is committed to delivering the smoothest ride available. Our riding mowers boast a comfortable seat with back support and foldable armrests – not to mention a cup holder for your favorite beverage, a handy phone holder and even a dual-USB charging port so keep all of your devices powered up.

And lastly, we can’t forget about the great mulch versus bag debate. Greenworks riding mowers offer the option to do either with the Greenworks 42-inch Residential Riding Mower Bagger Kit. In the fall, our high-lift blades easily pick up leaves without raking or using a blower – shredding and bagging leaves quickly and cleanly. In the springtime, mulching your lawn clippings can help develop a stronger grass root system. Whatever season you’re in and whatever task you need to be done, Greenworks riding mowers have you covered.





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