Greenworks Pioneers Charging Solutions with Progressive ChargeLink™ System

DALLAS, TX – Greenworks Commercial, the leading provider of battery-operated outdoor power equipment, is showcasing its revolutionary charging solutions with the ChargeLink™ system at the 2023 National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) ELEVATE Conference and Expo. 


In a world where sustainable practices are becoming essential, Greenworks Commercial is enabling an easy transition from gas-powered to battery-powered landscaping equipment while continuing to transform the industry. 


The ChargeLink™ Battery Charging System is a groundbreaking charging solution that addresses critical concerns for commercial landscapers transitioning to battery-powered equipment, such as runtime management and efficient battery handling in the field. 


Under the ChargeLink™ system are five impactful charging solutions to assist landscapers with battery-operated equipment: 


ChargeLink™: This innovative resolution simplifies the battery charging process. The heart of the system is a versatile charging caddy capable of accommodating six batteries simultaneously. Unlike traditional daisy-chaining methods, the ChargeLink™ caddy can connect to multiple units, offering unparalleled flexibility. 


MultipleZ Charger: This revolutionary charger enables simultaneous charging for multiple OptimusZ zero-turn mowers. The 240V 50A input provides a full charge in just nine hours. Up to three OptimusZ mowers can charge overnight, making it an ideal solution for commercial operations. The MultipleZ Charger is weather-resistant and designed for outdoor use, with an intuitive on-board screen displaying charge levels. 


Shop Charger: Greenworks Commercial's Shop Charger empowers landscapers to charge up to 60 batteries overnight from a single outlet, streamlining operations and maximizing productivity. The charger's modular system can scale up to 10 caddies, offering flexibility and efficiency. With features such as LED indicators for charge status and constant monitoring for optimal charging, it sets a new standard in charging convenience. 


ETO Platform: Designed to work seamlessly with the OptimusZ battery, the ETO Platform offers quick and convenient field charging for handheld batteries. It securely attaches to OptimusZ mowers, allowing rapid charging with up to six 4.0 Ah batteries from zero to 100% in just 60 minutes. With a 2.0kW output power and a six-battery capacity, it's a must-have tool for landscapers on the go. 


Energy Box: The Energy Box is a mobile power source that eliminates runtime concerns. It offers fast charging for handheld batteries and OptimusZ mowers on the go. Equipped with built-in 4G and GPS monitoring, a 120V 20A AC output, and impressive weather resistance, it provides the flexibility and reliability that landscapers need. With a substantial 16.2kWh capacity, two 2kW ChargeLink™ outputs, and two 6kW zero-turn mower outputs, it's a solution for any landscaping operation. 


Leading the Way in Charging Technology 


Greenworks has consistently set the industry standard for charging technology, transcending the limitations of conventional landscaping practices. The company's innovative charging showcases its commitment to environmental sustainability, efficiency and performance. 


Empowering the Electrification Journey 


Understanding the challenges landscapers face when transitioning from gas-powered equipment to battery-powered solutions is critical. The company's charging solutions are designed to alleviate these challenges, facilitating a smooth and worry-free electrification journey for landscapers of all levels. 


The ChargeLink™ system reinforces the company's commitment to making the electrification journey accessible and efficient for all landscapers. These unique solutions are expected to hit the market in 2024. 


Greenworks invites all NALP ELEVATE attendees to witness the power of ChargeLink™ 

by visiting booths 1031 and 931. 


For media inquiries, please contact: 

Per Kvarby 

Greenworks Commercial 


About Greenworks Commercial: 

Charging the industry since 2002, Greenworks has exclusively focused on producing products powered by lithium-ion battery technology, continuing to push the boundaries of batteries for the greater good.  Greenworks Commercial offers a range of battery-powered solutions for landscaping professionals and homeowners, setting the standard for commercial-grade, battery-powered outdoor equipment. For more information, visit 

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