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Self-Cleaning Smart App Controlled Robot Vacuum

Self-Cleaning Smart App Controlled Robot Vacuum

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Clean the house without lifting a finger!

  • Connectivity: Added voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as SMARTg app
  • Duration: Cleans for 45 days without emptying base
  • Customization: Custom cleaning modes and zones
  • Intelligence: LDS Laser Navigation and vSLAM Mapping
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Clean the house without lifting a finger!
The Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum has a multitude of capabilities that make life much easier when it comes to cleaning around the house. Coupled with the ability to connect the vacuum with the app or Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, this vacuum makes cleaning a breeze!
Key features
0.8" Obstacle Overcoming - Obstacle climbing technology helps this robot cross over any obstacle, up to 0.8 inch.
Real-time Drawing of Room Map - Laser navigation and SLAM technology offers intelligent and real-time path planning.
Anti-drop and Anti-collision Technology - Anti-drop sensor and anti-collision wall sensor continuously detects and avoids obstacles such as stairs and walls.
Remote Control Cleaning - Control the robot remotely through the SMARTg APP, even while away.
2-in-1 Station - Vacuum automatically returns to the docking station when battery is low to recharge for the next cleaning cycle. This station also works as a dust collection dock, that can hold 4L dirt for less emptying.
Four Suction Levels - 2000Pa robotic vacuum cleaner has four suction levels: Quiet (600Pa), Auto (1000Pa), Strong (1500Pa), and Max (2000Pa).
Non-stop Cleaning - 2600mAh super power battery ensures 100 minutes of runtime per charge and is able to clean 100㎡ area.
Carpet Boost Technology - Functions on carpets, wooden floors, ceramic tile, and more. You can set the vacuum cleaner to “Carpet boost” mode on APP that it will work with stronger suction on carpets automatically.
1 year tool limited warranty
Warranty + Service
1 year tool limited warranty
Dedicated Support 1-888-909-6757
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