Greenworks Commercial Powers Productivity With Line Extension To Optimusz Range

LOUISVILLE, KY – Greenworks Commercial, the leading provider of battery-operated outdoor power equipment, introduces new models under the OptimusZ Range, at the 2023 Equip Expo. This product line signifies a groundbreaking step forward in sustainability, agility and power, setting new standards for the lawn care industry.

The extended OptimusZ Range includes a diverse selection of zero-turn riding (ZTR) mowers, with the introduction of the Maximus 82V residential mower, as follows:

  • 48-, 52- and 60-inch ride-on platforms with 8 kWh batteries
  • 72-inch ride-on with a 36 kWh battery
  • Maximus 82V 52- and 60-inch residential mower

The OptimusZ Range currently consists of:

  • 48-, 52- and 60-inch ride-on platforms with 18 kWh and 24 kWh batteries
  • 32- and 36-inch compact stand-on platforms with 8 kWh batteries
  • 48-, 52- and 60-inch large stand-on platforms with 18 kWh and 24 kWh batteries

MaximusZ Residential Line: The new MaximusZ line is the pinnacle of residential ZTR mowers, catering to homeowners seeking top-tier performance. This line features two impressive models to meet various needs:

  • The 60-inch model is equipped with a combined 5,904-watt-hour battery capacity.
  • The 54-inch variant boasts 5,248-watt-hour combined power.

Both models come with a versatile dump bed, ideal for handling tasks around a property. Powered by on-board modular batteries, these mowers ensure uninterrupted operation. The MaximusZ’s ability to mow up to five acres on a single charge makes it the top choice for individuals with extensive lawns or smaller commercial properties.

OptimusZ Prosumer Line: Greenworks expands its product portfolio to cater to the prosumer market by introducing the OptimusZ ride-on lineup. These machines are powered by a commercial grade 8 kWh battery featuring safe LFP technology, offering unmatched power and endurance within the category.

The constant 19k FPM blade tip speed guarantees superior cut quality in any situation, and the adjustable 10 mph cutting speed provides precise control over mowing tasks. The built-in 3 kWh charger ensures a rapid 2.5-hour charge time, minimizing downtime. Users can expect to stay connected and in control with 4G/GPS connectivity and enjoy up to 2.5 hours of runtime — ample for mowing up to seven acres.

OptimusZ Commercial Line: Greenworks Commercial pushes the boundaries of battery-powered commercial equipment by introducing the 72-inch, 36 kWh OptimusZ Ride-On Zero Turn Riding Mower. This powerhouse is driven by an impressive 36 kWh battery, equivalent to 99hp, and LFP technology, delivering unmatched performance and extended runtimes of up to eight hours on a single charge, mowing up to 32 acres with ease.

The constant 19k FPM blade tip speed and the electric deck lift system, combined with the commercial-grade rear discharging deck, ensure precision with every pass. Users can stay in control with real-time 4G/GPS connectivity and take advantage of the glove-safe touchscreen with pre-downloaded languages and adjustable motor control. With cutting speeds of up to 14 mph, users can complete tasks in record time.

The OptimusZ Range and MaximusZ line of ZTR mowers usher in cutting-edge technology with zero emissions and zero exhaust, effectively mitigating noise pollution. Landscapers can now efficiently provide premium services that adhere to local ordinances and HOA requirements.

Experience efficiency, power and precision like never before with Greenworks by visiting booths 3182 (Exhibit Facility) and 8120D (Outdoor Demo Area) at the 2023 Equip Expo in Louisville, KY.

About Greenworks Commercial:

Charging the industry since 2002, Greenworks has exclusively focused on producing products powered by lithium-ion battery technology, continuing to push the boundaries of batteries for the greater good. Greenworks Commercial offers a range of battery-powered solutions for landscaping professionals and homeowners, setting the standard for commercial-grade, battery-powered outdoor equipment. For more information, visit

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