Greenworks® Unveils Exceptional Battery-Powered and Charging Solutions for Homeowners and Landscape Pros at CES 2024

Greenworks Unveils New Innovation at CES 2024
New Innovations Include Electric Vehicle Charger, AiConic Robotic Mower,
Four Zero-Turn Mowers, and ChargeLink™ Battery Charging Solutions


LAS VEGAS (Jan. 9, 2024) – A worldwide leader in battery technology, Greenworks® will unveil battery-powered and charging solutions for consumers’ homes as well as commercial landscape contractors at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week. The Greenworks® powerful innovation pipeline will launch numerous new products in the coming months, including: an Electric Vehicle Charger, four Zero-Turn Mowers, Power Stations in four different battery platforms, the AiConic Robotic Mower, ChargeLink™ Battery Charging System, e-transportation, and more.

Californians should especially take note: Greenworks® battery-powered outdoor lawn equipment is a complete solution for homeowners and landscape contractors, since Assembly Bill No.1346 took effect Jan. 1, restricting the sale of gas-powered lawnmowers and leaf blowers. Battery-powered products are easier to use and maintain than gas-powered; plus, there’s no gas smell, minimal noise, and less maintenance required.

“Greenworks® is proud to offer comprehensive battery-powered solutions for everyone, from homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts to major commercial landscaping contractors,” says Klaus Hahn, President of Greenworks® North America. “These innovations further our company’s vision of building a more powerful future with clean energy, and they illustrate our tagline ‘Life. Powered. By Greenworks™.’”

The company offers five different lithium-ion battery platforms (24V, 40V, 60V, 80V, and 82V) that power a wide range of products – from e-bikes and power tools to commercial lawn mowers, so the same battery is utilized year-round. The Greenworks® 60-volt and 80-volt lithium-ion platforms each power over 75 indoor and outdoor products, while the 40-volt battery drives 60 tools, and the 24-volt battery powers over 125 products.


Greenworks® Solutions Around the Home

With robust, long-lasting battery power, Greenworks products are always charged for work and play, from indoor cleaning and robo-mowers to far-ranging UTVs and e-bikes. New innovations launching at CES for homeowners include:

  • Electric Vehicle Charger: Fast, affordable charging for an EV at home. Installation is easy with a certified electrician. It’s compatible with EVs by Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Ford, Kia, Mercedes, Chevrolet, Porsche, Honda, Fiat, and more. See each manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Residential PowerHub Home Energy System: Reduce the electric bill and be energy independent during power outages through home-generated surplus solar energy. Features include battery storage, a backup interface, and smart switch, which automatically activates during a power outage.
  • Power Stations (24V, 40V, 60V, 80V): These four new workhorses generate power on-the-go, with several ports that can support a wide range of electronics to supply comfort and convenience during power outages, camping trips, or tailgating. Enjoy powering up a mini-refrigerator, TV, laptop, phone, and more.
  • 60V 54” Maximus Zero-Turn Mower: This premium, top-of-the-line mower cuts up to 3.5 Acres and features the most advanced power-cutting system in the industry, cutting 14% faster than comparable gas models. It offers unmatched comfort, convenience, low noise, and speed and features a large 3.5-bushel dump bed which transforms this mower into a year-round utility machine.
  • 60V 30” Zero-Turn Mower: Maintain properties up to 1.5 acres with nearly 45% more power than a 10.5 HP gas 30" ride-on mower, plus it offers added convenience, less noise, and no gas smell.
  • 60V PRO 22” Self-Propelled Mower: The new RAZORCUT multiblade system produces a finer cut and improved mulching capability, giving a lawn the essential nutrients it needs to thrive. This mower is capable of up to 60 minutes of runtime with the included 8.0 Ah battery and can cut up to 3/4 acre.
  • 60V 21” Self-Propelled Mower: Make mowing the lawn more efficient. This mower is powered by two 5.0 Ah batteries that produce up to 80 minutes of runtime and can cut up to one acre.
  • 60V PRO 17” Carbon Fiber String Trimmer and 60V 16” Carbon Fiber String Trimmer: These lightweight carbon fiber string trimmers deliver power, comfort, and control for the ultimate trimming experience. Easily edge around sidewalks, driveways, and flower beds using clean battery power. The 60V PRO 17” Trimmer provides up to 60 minutes of runtime while the 60V 16” Trimmer provides up to 50 minutes of runtime.
  • 60V PRO 780 CFM Blower and 60V 750 CFM Blower: Make leaf blowing a breeze, as these handheld brushless blowers utilize jet fan technology and the best power-to-weight ratio in the industry. The 60V PRO 780 CFM blower offers up to 60 minutes of runtime and air speed up to 200 MPH while the 60V 750 CFM Blower offers up to 80 minutes of runtime and air speed up to 170 MPH. These high-velocity air speeds allow these blowers to easily handle the toughest tasks like clearing wet and heavy leaves, grass, and stubborn debris.
  • 60V 26” Hedge Trimmer: Enjoy cordless convenience and up to 60 minutes of runtime while trimming hedges without the noise, fumes, or harmful emissions associated with gas-powered tools.
  • 60V 18” Chainsaw: Experience high performance and 2x more torque for tree cutting and getting up to 250 cuts on 4x4 lumber on a single charge.

E-Transportation: Last year, Greenworks® exhibited at CES for the first time and revealed its battery-powered transportation portfolio, which began rolling out to consumers in the fall. They exude extreme power, range, and style that the entire family can enjoy -- including an electric Youth Go-Kart, Youth Minibike, three E-Bikes, and a Scooter. The 60V Stealth Series Electric Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) will launch this spring. This is the first and most extensive electric transportation portfolio that runs on popular, nationwide lithium-ion battery platforms, which also power a wide range of other products, from lawn mowers and power tools to vacuums.


Greenworks® Commercial Landscape Solutions

At CES 2024, Greenworks® is showcasing its industry-leading, heavy duty, battery-powered outdoor lawn equipment, ideal for commercial landscaping companies, including:

  • ChargeLink™ Battery Charging Solutions: This multi-faceted energy solution ensures professional landscapers won’t run out of power on the job. Charging options include in the shop, inside the pro’s vehicle, and even on a zero-turn mower. The system includes a Shop Charger to charge an infinite number of batteries from a single outlet; an Energy Box mobile power source to power mowers on the go; and an ETO Platform that attaches to Greenworks® OptimusZ mowers, allowing rapid charging with up to six 4.0 Ah batteries from zero to 100% in just 60 minutes.
  • 82V H.O.G. Chainsaw: This 70cc battery-powered chainsaw meets the rugged needs of a logger or arborist. The 20-inch chainsaw, with 24- and 28-inch compatibility, has an astounding 4.3 kW superior brushless motor and a 6 Ah pouch pack and dual port charger.
  • AiConic Robotic Mower: Available in late 2024, this robo-mower features cutting-edge RTKVision™ technology, which combines satellite-based navigation with advanced cameras and sensors, eliminating the need for boundary wires, and making installation less stressful. It is capable of mowing up to 2.5 acres of grassland, with adjustable cutting heights from ¼ to 4 inches. Professional landscapers can benefit from labor shortage mitigation and reduced operational costs, making it an efficient and profitable addition to landscaping businesses.
  • OptimusZ 60” 24kWh Ride-On Zero-Turn Mower: Launched in spring 2023, it’s the most powerful and advanced riding zero-turn mower on the market. This ultra-high-performance mower operates with the equivalent power of a 65HP and 1040cc displacement gas engine. It's equipped with the most advanced 19K Constant Smart Cutting System™ and patented PowrTraq Smart Drive System™.
  • OptimusZ 60” 24kWh Stand-On Zero-Turn Mower: Available since spring 2023, this is the #1 zero turn and ultimate productivity machine for all-day commercial use, providing the best center of gravity in the industry. Operators can now safely and confidently tackle slopes of up to 15 degrees and cut grass at up to 12 MPH -- the fastest in its class.
  • 60V 17” Brushless String Trimmer with Carbon Fiber Shaft: This attachment-capable tool provides up to 60 minutes of runtime, with an extra-large 17” cutting swath, and the durable carbon fiber shaft is 20% lighter than comparable gas models.
  • BB361 Battery Backpack Blower: The most powerful battery backpack blower on the market -- with 36 newtons of blow force, it also offers low-noise features. It can operate at a whisper-quiet 65 decibels, ensuring compliance with noise regulations so landscapers can kickstart their workday earlier. Its three-speed functionality includes low, medium, and high with a built-in turbo setting.
  • Additional new tools launching include the 82V String Trimmer and 82V Power Cutter.
  • Three new OptimusZ Zero-Turn Mowers will join the lineup this year: a 32” Stand-On Mower, a Ride-On 8kWh Mower, and a 72” Rear Discharge Mower.

For a closer look at the new Greenworks® products, visit the Greenworks exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, booth #51239 in the Smart Home area from Jan. 9-12 and at

To learn more about Greenworks® please visit and


About Greenworks®

An innovative leader in battery technology for over 20 years, Greenworks® is committed to building a more powerful future for everyone with clean energy. The company designs, manufactures, and sells a wide range of affordable, high-quality battery-powered products that are designed for today's consumers at home, at work, and on the go. Greenworks® offers five different battery platforms, each compatible with a wide array of power tools, outdoor products, and lifestyle products, to meet the needs of every consumer: 24-volt, 40-volt, 60-volt, 80-volt, and 82-volt. The products are available from a variety of retailers, including, Best Buy, Costco,, Lowes, Menards,,, Tractor Supply, and For more information about Greenworks®, please visit


About Greenworks Commercial:

Charging the industry since 2002, Greenworks has exclusively focused on producing products powered by lithium-ion battery technology, continuing to push the boundaries of batteries for the greater good. Greenworks Commercial offers a range of battery-powered solutions for landscaping professionals and homeowners, setting the standard for commercial-grade, battery-powered outdoor equipment. For more information, visit

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