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Smart App Controlled Robot Vacuum

Smart App Controlled Robot Vacuum

SKU 4704402

  • Self-Charging
  • Great for Pet Hair, Hard Floor & Carpets
  • Control from Anywhere!
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Product intro
Simplify your life and clean your floors at the same time. The Greenworks Robot Vacuum combines powerful suction and 90 minutes of nonstop cleaning all controlled with the easy touch of a button. With our SMARTg app, you can even vacuum when you aren't home! Your space is mapped out and divided into zones allowing the vacuum to find the most efficient route and ensure optimal coverage. The Greenworks Robot Vac even senses different floor types and automatically adjusts suction power to match. If you want control, you can adjust the cleaning modes between Quiet, Standard, Power, and Max modes and decide if you want to run Auto, Spot, Room, or Zone cleaning programs. Who knew vacuums could be so smart! 
Greenworks has been innovating in the battery-powered tools industry for over 12 years. We are passionate about providing superior, innovative and sustainable battery-powered solutions in every part of your home inside and out.
Key features
90 Minutes Non-stop Cleaning: Cleans nearly 1000 sq ft one charge cycle.
Multiple Cleaning Modes: Using the SMARTg app, you can select Auto, Spot, Room, or Zone cleaning as well as adjust the suction from Quiet, Standard, Power, and Max modes.
Intelligent Path Planning: Precision navigation plots the most efficient route creating a map and dividing into zones for optimal coverage.
Smart App Controlled: Compatible with Google Assistant, & Alexa, the SMARTg app allows you to program and run your vacuum even when you are not at home.
Auto Docking and Recharging
Powerful Suction: Strong 2200Pa suction removes dirt and debris on a variety of surfaces.
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