No. 1

Faster Cuts Than Gas

20% more torque than comparable gas models.

*not applicable to 24V

No. 2

Runs Longer & Charges Faster

With advanced Greenworks battery technology.

No. 3

Quiet Operation

  • Low noise
  • Less vibration
  • Push button start

No. 4

Lightweight and Durable Construction

Tough on wood, easy on you.

No. 5

Effortless Operation

  • No prime
  • No choke
  • No pull

No. 6

Low Maintenance

No need for fill ups, fuel mixing, spark plugs, fuel lines, carburetors, bulbs, and more.

No. 7

Premium Safety Features

Mechanically activated chain-brake, wraparound handle, and absolutely no engine heat.

No. 8

Eco-Friendly Design

Zero emissions, fumes, or harmful gas spills.