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60V 24" Cordless Battery Two-Stage Snow Blower w/ Two (2) 8.0 Ah Batteries & Dual-Port Charger

60V 24" Cordless Battery Two-Stage Snow Blower w/ Two (2) 8.0 Ah Batteries & Dual-Port Charger

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Clear snow in the blink of an eye!

  • Size: 24”
  • Discharge Feature: Chute rotates 200 degrees and discharges up to 50 ft. in distance
  • Snowfall: Handles snowfalls up to 18"
  • What's Included: (2) 8.0 Ah Batteries and Dual-Port Charger
  • Power 75+ Tools with any Greenworks 60V Battery
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Clear snow in the blink of an eye!
Built with a high-efficiency brushless motor and a 24 in. wide intake, the Greenworks 60-Volt Snow Blower can handle it all. Easily adjust the auger to control how far the snow is thrown for maximum control. A robust handle-mounted chute-adjustment lever puts the user in control when re-directing the snow up to 200˚ from side to side. Bright LED lights make it convenient for use early in the morning or at night and the robust steel chassis is built for aggressive use in demanding conditions. Zero turn hub motor for stronger output power, more precise control. This Snow Blower is compatible with the Greenworks 60V system of 75+ tools and batteries and is backed by a 4-year warranty.

Zero gas smell. Zero pull cords. Zero maintenance. Zero pollution breathed. Zero time wasted.

Key features
Quickly clears driveways, sidewalks, and patios with a 24 in. clearing path and handles snowfalls up to 18 in.
Discharge chute rotates 200° for directional control and can discharge up to 50 ft. in distance
Intelligent TRUBRUSHLESSTM Motor Technology - 2x more torque, more power, longer runtimes, quiet operation, and extended motor life
LED headlights illuminate your path in poor light conditions
Variable speed controls for auger and drive speed selection
Self-propelled with power steering for effortless control
Tri-port powerhead holds up to 3 batteries for the industry's longest runtime
Zero turn hub motor wheels for stronger output power and more control
Includes (2) 60V 8.0 Ah batteries and dual-port charger
The No List
No Gas Smell. You no longer have to smell like gas after mowing
No Emissions. Save money and breathe clean air
No Maintenance. No tune-ups, no mixing fuels, no messy spills
Low Noise. Easy on the ear, low decibel mowing
Warranty + Service
4 year tool limited warranty
4 year battery warranty
Dedicated Support 1-888-909-6757
Power 75+ Tools with any Greenworks 60V Battery
What area can be cleared on one charge? (4" snow depth)
91-225m² (979.5 ft² - 2421 ft²)
What area can be cleared on one charge? (10" snow depth)
75-110m² (807.2 ft² - 1184 ft²)
Charge time
60 minutes per battery/120 minutes total
Weight of Unit with batteries
85.8 kg (189.2 lbs.)
Weight of Unit without batteries
80 kg (176.4 lbs.)
Length of Impeller
Impeller Material
Skid Shoe Material
Max Throwing Distance
Up to 50'
Max Clearing Path
Tire PSI
10 PSI operating pressure / 32 PSI max pressure
Tire Size Specifications
AT 15*5-7
Wheel Size
Rated power of Auger Motor (W)
5 kW
Rated power of Hub Motors (Two total - One each wheel)
800W (Single)
Gas Power Equivalent (CC)
Horsepower (HP)
dBa @ 0' (User)
73.5 dB
dBa @ 15' (Nearby)
68.4 dB
dBa @ 50' (Long Range)
61.5 dB
Package Dimension (LxWxH)
50" * 34.5" * 22.5"
Package Weight
262.9 lbs
Handle Positions
Estimated Assembly Time
≈40 minutes
Hand warmers?
Self-propelled speeds
0.45m/s(Rate 1), 0.85m/s(Rate 2), 1.25m/s(Rate 3), 0.45m/s(Reverse)
Auger Speeds (RPM)
80 rpm(Rate 1), 90 rpm(Rate 2), 100 rpm(Rate 3), 110 rpm(Rate 4), 120 rpm(Rate 5)
Impeller Speeds (RPM)
800 rpm(Rate 1), 900 rpm(Rate 2), 1000 rpm(Rate 3), 1100 rpm(Rate 4), 1200 rpm(Rate 5)
How many lbs. of snow can be processed per minute?
566.5lb(4in-MAX), 773.8lb(10in-MAX)
Drift cutters?
LED Headlights
Chute rotation
Zero Turn System?
How to Videos