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exoFLEX Deluxe Shoulder Strap for String Trimmer and Leaf Blower

exoFLEX Deluxe Shoulder Strap for String Trimmer and Leaf Blower

SKU 80023202

Compatible Product Numbers Voltage Compatible Model Numbers
2123802 80V ST80L252
2112302 80V ST80L211
2123002VT 80V STB80L01
2123902 80V ST80L412
2123602 80V ST80L02
2100102 80V ST80L210
2101102 80V GST80321
2132202 80V \
2101202 80V GST80320
2132202T 80V \
1303302 60V BLC462
2109402T 60V 60TB16
1324902 60V STB409
2122902 60V ST60B212
2122902T 60V ST60B01
2121002 60V ST60L413
2121002T 60V ST60L03
2111702 40V STF309
2110802 40V ST-120
1301202 40V STBA40B210
2127402 40V STF457
2110902 40V ST-140-AT
2111802 40V STF307
2120602AZ 40V ST40L412
2103002 40V ST40B410
2101602 40V ST40B410
2101602A 40V BST40000
2128002 40V ST40B213
2128002T 40V ST40B04
2100402 40V ST40L210
2129702 40V ST40L03
2132102 40V ST40L810
2130602 40V ST40L213
21362 40V \
21302 40V \
2130502 40V ST40B05
2100702 40V \
2100202 40V \
21242 40V \
21332 40V \
2128102 40V \
2123402 2x 24V ST48L4411
2121202 2x 24V ST48B2210
2123302 2x 24V ST48L4411
2117702AZ 2x 24V ST24B03
2581892 2x 24V STG308
2102902 24V ST24B210
2104502AZ 24V ST24B212
2117802AZ 24V ST24B213
2118202AZ 24V ST24L410
2118102AZ 24V ST24L00
2128502 24V ST24B212
2128502T 24V ST24B05
2102902 24V ST24B210
2100302AZ 24V ST40B02
2101902AZ 24V ST24B11
2103202AZ 24V ST24B01
2117902AZ 24V ST24B215
21142 5.5 AMP
21272 5.5 AMP
2102102 5 AMP ST05B00
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Product intro
The exoFLEX Deluxe Shoulder Strap is specifically designed to support the weight of a leaf blower or string trimmer, without limiting the mobility & flexibility of the operator. This is accomplished by using an elastomer core throughout the entire length of the strap. With increased surface area, the elastomer band provides the strength to support the weight of the tool, while remaining flexible enough to allow for normal reach and extension of the user's arms.
Key features
Flexible, dual-layer latex elastomer core
Two-way adjustable velcro belts to accommodate all users
Includes a heavy-duty carabiner hook to attach to most trimmers with built-in loop attachments
Includes an easy-to-attach harness loop made of durable rubber composite to provide a secure grip & attachment to most trimmer shafts/td>
Lightweight & Comfortable shoulder pad with breathable, air-core cooling technology
Expandable nylon outer core protects the elastomer core
Heavy-duty 1.5 inch nylon web strap
Designed for use with most string trimmers & leaf blowers, using the included loop attachment


Category: Trimmer Accessories and Blower Accessories
Material: Nylon
Alternate Part Numbers: N/A

What's Included

  • (1) exoFLEX Deluxe Shoulder Strap
  • (1) Harness Loop
  • (1) Carabiner Hook


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