Lawn Edgers vs. String Trimmers

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If your lawn needs some extra love, we've got the lowdown on two must-have tools to elevate your landscaping game to pro levels:  lawn edgers and string trimmers. But what's the difference?  

Lawn edgers are all about precision. They clean up unruly grass to make those crisp, defined lines along sidewalks, driveways and lawn edges. Then there's the string trimmer —also known as a weed wacker. These are your go-to for tackling tricky spots your mower can't reach, like around trees, flower beds and fences. Knowing where and how to use these tools can cause your lawn to become the envy of your neighborhood! 

Let's explore the key differences between edgers and string trimmers.

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Lawn Edgers

Lawn edgers are like the fine paint brushes of the garden tool world. When overgrown grass starts to blur the borders between your yard, sidewalk or driveway, edgers use their vertically spinning blade to create sharp, precise edges. Lawn edgers come in two main types:

Manual Edgers: This old-school, no-frills option is great for small gardens and a bit of a workout, though they can be time-consuming for larger yards.

Motorized Edgers: Whether it's gas-powered or running on an advanced Greenworks battery, these models make edging effortless, especially if you need to cover more ground and aren't a fan of manual labor.

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String Trimmers

(Also Called Weed Wackers or Weed Eaters)

These handy tools are all about getting into those nooks and crannies, trimming grass and tackling weeds in places lawn mowers can't reach. Here's what you need to know about the two main types of string trimmers:

Gas-Powered Trimmers: These are the heavy lifters. Got a thick jungle to tame? You can't go wrong with gas—just keep the fumes, maintenance and fuel costs in mind.

Electric Trimmers: These are lighter, quieter and just as fierce as many gas trimmers. They come in both corded and battery-powered versions to keep things clean and green.

Frequently Asked Questions: Edgers vs. Trimmers

Can a Weed Wacker Be Used as an Edger?

Technically, yes! But for those who are all about curb appeal, using a dedicated edger gives your edges the sharpness and precision that a weed wacker with an edger attachment can't quite match.

Do You Really Need an Edger?

If you're eyeing that ultra-neat look, an edger is essential. Edgers give your lawn a clean frame that sets it apart.

Can You Put an Edger Blade on a Weed Eater?

Many string trimmers come with an edger attachment, but it's not one-size-fits-all—make sure to check your model's specs first!

Edgers vs. Trimmers: Which Should I Use?

If you want the polished look of a perfectly segmented yard, go for an edger. More about taming the wild stuff you can't reach with a mower? A trimmer is your best bet. But why choose? Versatile tools like the attachment-friendly Greenworks 80V 16" String Trimmer can switch between trimming and edging for those who want the best of both worlds.

That's a wrap on your edgers and trimmers crash course! Whichever tool you choose, your lawn care is about to get a lot more picturesque. Check out Greenworks battery-powered Electric String Trimmers & Edgers and get started today.

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