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How Do I Know Which Lawn Mower Blades to Buy?

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So, you need a new lawn mower blade, but you're not sure where to start? We've got you covered! Whether you're dealing with a dull blade or in need of a replacement, choosing the right blade can make all the difference in your cut quality. Let's dive into the world of lawn mower blades and go over the key factors to consider when selecting the perfect blade for your mower.

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Types of Lawn Mower Blades

When it comes to lawn mower blades, one size definitely does not fit all. There are several types to choose from, each made for specific mowing needs.

High-lift Blade

The high-lift blade is engineered to create a powerful suction that lifts grass clippings for a clean and precise cut. Ideal for tall or thick grass, this blade is a favorite among homeowners with larger yards.

Low-lift Blade

For more frequent mowing on flat surfaces, the low-lift blade is your go-to option. With less suction power than high-lift blades, this type is great for maintaining a well-manicured lawn with regular mowing sessions.

Mulching Blade

Love the idea of recycling grass clippings into nutrient-rich mulch? Then the mulching blade should be your top choice! This specialized blade chops grass into itty-bitty pieces, allowing it to decompose quickly to better nourish your lawn.

But are lawn mower blades different between gas and electric mowers? Well, it depends. While the basic function remains the same in theory, make sure your new blades are compatible with your specific mower model by checking your mower’s OEM or model number.

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How to Know Which Blade to Get for Your Mower

When picking the perfect lawn mower blade, compatibility is the name of the game. Let's break down how to find which blades can fit your mower:

Original Equipment Manufacturing Number

The Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) number is like your mower's DNA—it tells you exactly which blade works with your machine. Match the OEM number to your desired blade for the best fit and performance.

Model Number

If you can’t find the OEM number, don’t worry! Your mower’s model number can also lead you to the right blade. Though usually found on the mower deck, frame, or under the seat, check your owner's manual or the manufacturer's website for further help.

Blade Length and Center Hole

Make sure you know your blade length and center hole diameter before you buy! These measurements are essential for the blade to fit securely onto your mower's spindle, preventing any wobbling or instability during operation.

How to Find an OEM Number on a Greenworks Blade

So, you've got your eye on a Greenworks blade, but how do you find the OEM number to make sure it’s the perfect fit? It's easier than you think! Here's how:

Check the PackagingOur blades come with packaging that clearly displays the OEM number for easy identification. 

Inspect the Blade: If you've already thrown away the packaging, the OEM number is stamped directly onto the blade near the center hole.

With these tips, you're now ready to find the right mower blade for your lawn care needs. Whether you need to take down thick grass or want to mulch your clippings for a healthier lawn, Greenworks has you covered with a wide range of high-quality mowers and mower blades designed to give you the perfect cut.

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