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Control Rod Assembly

Control Rod Assembly

SKU R0200166-00

Compatible Product Numbers


Compatible Model Numbers
2615802 80V SNB401
2600402 80V GW80VSNW200
2601302 80V \
2608002 80V SNB402
2605202 80V SNB401
2608702 60V SN60L6R1
2608702-VK 60V \
2608702T 60V SN60L01
2606402 60V SN60L611
2606402T 60V SN60L600
2606302 60V SN60L410
2601902 60V \
2604502AZ 40V SN40B00
26272 40V SNF401
26272ME 40V SNF401
2604602AZ 40V SN40B410
2601102 40V \
2610302ME 40V SNF301
2609702 40V \
2609002CO 13 AMP \
2606502 13 AMP \
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Control Rod Assembly - Tackling winter's challenges has never been easier with this essential accessory that combines durability, functionality, and ease of use. Take control of your snow removal process with precision and efficiency, directing the snow exactly where you want it to go. No more hassle or time wasted – simply adjust the chute on the fly and keep moving forward. Crafted with premium materials, the Control Rod Assembly ensures longevity and resilience in harsh winter conditions. Guarantees reliable performance, allowing you to take on heavy snowfall with confidence.

  • Compatible with 20" Greenworks Snow Throwers.
  • Hassle-free Installation.
  • Hardware not included.


Category: Snow Thrower /Snow Shovel Accessories
Material: Metal
Alternate Part Numbers: 311081485 and RA311041208

What's Included

  • (1) Upper Chute Control Rod

  • (1) Lower Chute Control Rod

  • (1) Cotter Pin

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