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Handle Connection Cover

Handle Connection Cover

SKU 341081468

Snow Shovels

Compatible Product Numbers  Voltage Compatible Model Numbers
2600602 80V \
2601202 80V \
2600702 40V \
2601402 40V GLSS40000



Compatible Product Numbers Voltage Compatible Model Numbers
2124002 80V STB301
2305102 80V STB301
2305102 80V PH80L210
2305102T 80V PH80L00
2305102 80V PH80L210
2122902 60V ST60B212
2122902T 60V ST60B02
2304802 60V PH60L210
2304802T 60V PH60L00
1303302 60V STBA60B412
1311902 60V PH60L210
2103102 60V ST60L210
2103102T 60V ST60L000
2110202 60V ST60B01
2110202T 60V ST60B01
2104002 60V ST60L211
2104102 60V ST60L01
2203302 60V PH60B00
2202902 60V \
1306102 60V STBA60B411
1304202 60V ST60B01 & BL60L00
2111802 40V STF310
2128002 40V ST40B213
2128002T 40V ST40B04
2110802 40V ST-120
2127402 40V STF457
2701402 40V ED40L410
2701402T 40V ED40L00
2127302 40V STF310
2124102 40V \
2121202 2 x 24V ST48B2210
2701202 2 x 24V ED48L4410
2106902 2 x 24V STE302
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Introducing our Handle Connection Cover – a clever solution crafted to seamlessly integrate handles onto your products with ease.

  • Hassle-free Installation.
  • Hardware not included.


Category: Snow Thrower /Snow Shovel and String Trimmer Accessories
Material: Polypropylene

What's Included

  • (1) Handle Cover


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