Grass Catcher Bag Assembly

Grass Catcher Bag Assembly

SKU 312011179D

Compatible Product Numbers  Voltage Compatible Model Numbers
2533902 80V LMB455
2541302 80V LMB455
2501202 80V GLM801602
2500402 80V LMB401
2533402 80V MO80L411
2533602 80V LMB455
2502202 80V GLM801600
2506902 80V MO80L00
2515902 80V MO80L00
2534102 80V LMB456
2502402NV 80V MO80L510
2502402TNVAZ 80V LMB408
2533302 80V LMB454
2541202 80V LMB454
2531702 60V MO60L424
2531602 60V MO60L516
2545102 60V MO60L424
2531702T 60V MO60L01
2531602T 60V MO60L06
2535102T 60V 60LM21P
2504902T 60V MO60L00
2509802 60V MO60L01
2515502 40V LMF413
1306402AZ 40V LMF414
2527302AZ 40V LMF413
2525202 40V MO40L4413
2516402 40V LMF414
1348402-HB 40V /
2525102AZ 40V LMF415
2506502AZ 40V MO40L01
2508502 40V MO40L2512
2506602 40V MO40L02
2513502 40V M-210
2533202 2 x 24V LME475
2532702 2 x 24V 2532702
2532502 2 x 24V MO48L520
2532902 2 x 24V LME475
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Grass Catcher Bag Assembly - crafted from rugged and weather-resistant materials, this replacement bag is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Its robust design ensures longevity, providing you with a reliable solution for seasons to come.

  • Compatible with Greenworks 21" Lawn Mowers.
  • Hassle-Free Installation.
  • Designed for durability and long lasting performance.


Category: Lawn Mower Accessories
Material: Metal/Plastic
Alternate Part Numbers: 312011179 (Grass Catcher Bag), R0200745-00 (Grass Catcher Bag Assembly), 332031179 (Frame), 349011179K (Grass Catcher Bag), 312011179G (Grass Catcher Bag Assembly), R0200069-00 (Bag Kit), RB312011179D (Grass Catcher Bag Assembly), R0201921-00 (Grass Catcher Bag w/ Frame), R0204470-00 (Grass Catcher Bag), R0202093-00 (Grass Catcher Bag Assembly), R0200299-00 (Grass Catcher Bag Assembly), R0204431-00 (Grass Catcher Bag), R0201921-00 (Grass Catcher Bag w/ Frame), R0203895-00 (Grass Catcher Bag Assembly), 33301237-3 (Grass Catcher Bag Assembly), 312011519 (Grass Catcher Bag), 312011179M (Grass Catcher Bag Assembly), 312011179Q (Bag Kit), 312011179K (Grass Catcher Bag Assembly), R0203207-00 (Grass Catcher Bag), & R0200299-00 (Grass Catcher Bag Assembly)

What's Included

  • (1) 21" Grass Catcher Bag
  • (1) Grass Catcher Bag Frame

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