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Cam Lock Assembly

Cam Lock Assembly

SKU R0200284-00

Compatible Product Numbers


Compatible Model Numbers
2600402 80V GW80VSNW200
2601302 80V \
2605202 80V SNB401
2608002 80V SNB402
2608702 60V SN60L6R1
2608702T 60V SN60L01
2608702-VK 60V \
2606302 60V SN60L410
2602102 60V SNC404
2606402 60V SN60L611
2606402T 60V SN60L600
2601902 60V \
2604502AZ 40V SN40B00
2604602AZ 40V SN40B410
26272 40V SNF401
26272ME 40V SNF401
2601102 40V \
2609702 40V \
2606502 13 AMP
2600802LC 8 AMP GBSS08000
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Introducing our Cam Lock Assembly – the reliable and secure solution for connecting components with ease. Crafted for durability and user-friendly operation, this assembly ensures a hassle-free experience in securing various items, providing you with a dependable and versatile locking mechanism.

  • Hassle-free Installation.


Category: Accessories
Material: Plastic
Alternate Part Numbers: C1100537-00

What's Included

  • (1) Bolt
  • (1) Knob


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