Snow Blower vs. Snow Thrower: What’s the difference between a Snow Blower and a Snow Thrower?

Greenworks Snow Blower vs. Snow Thrower

Snow Blower vs. Snow Thrower

What’s the Difference Between a Snow Blower and a Snow Thrower? 

Even if you've spent time in a snowy area, you still might not be clear that there is a difference between a snow blower and a thrower. It’s true – it’s confusing because people now use the two terms interchangeably, with “snow blower” covering the entire category. 

Here at Greenworks, we want to keep things streamlined. We call our arsenal of snow removal equipment “snow blowers” – and then clarify them as “single-stage” or “2-stage” so there’s no confusion. 


Single-Stage versus 2-Stage Snow Blowers 

Let’s start with a quick refresher on the difference between single and dual-stage snow blowers:

Single-stage snow blowers

Traditionally, single-stage snow blowers have been called snow throwers. In these all-in-one snow thrower units, the auger breaks up snow and throws it as a single process. 

Dual-stage snow blowers

Two-stage snow blowers have always been called snow blowers. These snow workhorses use both augers (stage 1) to shred snow and ice and an impeller to shoot it longer distances (stage 2). 

Wondering what type of snow blower is the best fit for your needs? Check out our Snow Blower Buying Guide for a helpful deep dive. 

What’s a Snow Thrower?

How a Single-Stage Snow Thrower Works:

As we touched on above, a snow thrower is a single-stage snow blower that utilizes the auger to chop and scoop the snow in a spiral motion before throwing it. Greenworks snow throwers offer maximum versatility – they’re lightweight, easy to maneuver and pack a powerful punch. Let's take a look at the Greenworks single-stage snow blower line to learn more. 

Single-stage Snow Thrower Features:

  • Power output up to 600 Wh (60V 22” single-stage snow blower)
  • Discharges snow up to 30 feet 
  • Maximum clearing up to 22” 
  • Adjustable discharge chute up to 180 degrees 
  • Push button start 
  • No gas and oil mixing  
  • No dealing with gas smell and fumes 
  • Easy to store with a fold-down handle 

Best Uses for a Single-stage Snow Thrower/snow blower

  • Clearing driveways, sidewalks, decks and patios
  • Light to moderate snow 
  • Driveway clearing: 4 to 10+ cars depending on thrower size 

What’s a Snow Blower?

How a 2-Stage Snow Blower Works: 

Dual-stage snow blowers are the workhorses of the snow removal category. Snow blowers use augers (stage 1) to grind up the snow and send it to the impeller, which then blows the snow out of the chute (stage 2). Because snow blowers are larger, they quickly cover more area – and clear heavier amounts of snow and ice. Let’s take a peek at the Greenworks 2-stage snow blower for a closer look. 

Dual-stage Snow Blower Features: 

  • Power output up to 960 Wh (60V 2-stage 24” snow blower)
  • Self-propelled 
  • Discharges snow up to 50 feet 
  • Maximum clearing of 24”
  • Adjustable discharge chute up to 200 degrees 
  • Zero Turn System (ZTS) for maximum maneuverability in deep snow 
  • Tri-port powerhead for optional third battery utilization 
  • Push button start 
  • No gas and oil mixing 
  • No dealing with gas smell and fumes 
  • Easy to store with a fold-down handle 

Best Uses for a 2-stage Snow Slower:

  • Clearing driveways, sidewalks, decks and patios – and more!
  • Moderate to challenging snow conditions 
  • Driveway clearing: up to 18+ cars 

Battery-Powered Snow Removal For the Win

You might have heard that the only way to get powerful snow removal is with gas-fueled snow blowers. Myth busted! You can have maximum snow removal power in a single-stage or 2-stage snow blower – without the fumes, noise, price or hassle of gas. 

Another thing you might not know about snow blowers: the basic mechanics are the same whether the blowers are battery-powered or fueled by gas. Here are Greenworks, our snow removal equipment is designed around our industry-leading battery technology. We proudly go toe-to-toe with gas competitors – welcome to the battery-powered snow revolution with Greenworks. 

Need help deciding which electric snow blower best fits your needs? Check out our Snow Blower Buying Guide to learn more about the best Greenworks snow blowers and throwers.
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